Power Up Yoga Mix- 1&2

PUY – Power Up Yoga Mix - 1&2

This Power Up Yoga routine features Warrior 1 & 2, Eagle Pose, Navasana Boat Pose, Twisting Chair Pose, ½ Moon Pose and Dancer Pose.

This routine was designed to be continually moving with very few breaks allowing your natural energy to create a cardio workout effect. Fast flow Vinyasas are incorporated throughout the routine linking the poses to the breathe as your body and mind reaches a new height of awareness. You will become physically strong & more mobile. You will sweat, burn calories and melt fat.

Warrior 1 – Aids in deep breathing, relieves a stiff neck and shoulders, strengthens the legs, and trims the hips.

Warrior 2 – Strengthens and shapes the legs, relieves leg cramps, brings flexibility to the legs and back, tones abdomen, and strengthens ankles and arms.

Eagle Pose – Improves your balance and concentration, while stretching hips, thighs, shoulders, and upper back.

Navasana/Boat Pose – Strengthens abdominal and back.

Twisting Chair Pose – Strengthen spine, detoxes the liver and melts fat from the waist line.

½ Moon Pose  Strengthens legs and opens shoulders heart and hips improves balance.

As you do this routine the emphasis is on strength and constancy, concentration and flow. The mind begins to gain power as it learns to surrender to the practice of mindful listening.

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