PUY – Dynamic Cardio Yoga

This routine is a fun and exciting mixtures of poses designed around great music mix that creates a dynamic cardio power yoga workout unlike any classes you have ever experienced.

With more intense balancing poses you will be challenged well beyond expectation. This routine incorporates a more intense, strong and energizing fast flow Vinyasa. We mix a yoga dance, Tai Chi, Kickboxing and Pilates into a symphony of cardio postures that will make you sweat and burn fat.

Feature Poses Within This Routine:

Boat Pose                   Abs strengthener
Tip toe Chair             Chair on your toes then on your heels
Crow Pose                 Supporting your body weigh on your thighs
Bridge Pose              Strengthen the quadriceps, knees, ankles and arches squatting on heels and toes.
Modified                    Tones the legs, opens the hips, and promotes physical balance.
Tree Pose                   It also develops concentration and mindfulness.
Sitting 1                  Tones your abdomen, liver, spleen, and kidneys.
Leg Pose                    Stretching and strengthening your lower back and chest.